Actions of World’s Greatest Managers…

By: Parag Ray

     They do the thing differently, they have the insight to sense the corporate risk and danger prior before,they do everything with a planning,they access themselves to check their performance. And yes they are called greatest manager in the notation by Mr.Marcus Buckingham.I want to convey his words to the business world that FIRST ,BREAK ALL THE RULES.

According to an research two massive studies had taken place.The first study asked a critical business question that has never been definitively answered: “What kind of environment will attract, develop and retain great people?” And Gallup came up with a dozen key factors, which we will detail shortly. Interestingly, the study also found that it was actually great managers who created this powerful environment, so a second huge study was done to answer the question: “What did these great managers do differently?” And the answers may surprise you — the best managers typically broke all the rules of conventional management wisdom.

There is a fundamental idea behind the of great managers.which separate great managers from the lesser ones and it is the foundational idea that lays beneath their four keys to success.And below are their keys.

Select for Talent to use them for better output
Define the right out come before start to work on them for flawless process.
Focus on strength to use it in efficient way.
Finding the right fit for magnanimous results.
The insights of these great managers aren’t just trendy management fads, they work in the real world. These ideas, thoughtfully implemented, have created workplaces where high productivity, high profit, low employee turnover and high customer satisfaction were the norm.

So now it’s up to you to look at your own organization and see the places where you can put the knowledge of these great managers into practice, and create a more powerful, profitable and productive workplace.

I have already started to work on it…..What about you ?????


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