“Are you suffering from ELEPHANT THINKING” ??? – Stop Doing This

By:- Parag Ray

How many of you really think what need to be done before starting a work or an assignment in your project ???

Of course answer would be We all, every one.

In reply to my second question be genuine guys ….

How many of you normally get the first thought like

“I may not be able to do this job”

“Will I able to handle it alone ???”

“I think I need definite support from my colleague for this activity”

Friends….. among us we have many people who generally have this above 3 questions in their mind first when they have been given any new task or assignment to do.

The hesitation to act positively,the thinking of self inability to approach a task is called elephant thinking.

Let me tell you

The mentality that holds many people back is due to “Elephant Thinking”. Elephant thinking stems from when a baby elephant is trained for the circus. The baby elephant’s leg is chained to a pole in the ground. The baby elephant wants to get away. He pulls and tugs, but he can’t escape—the chain is too big and the pole is too deep in the ground. So he stops trying. As he grows up, he just assumes he can’t get away. Today, he’s a six-ton elephant. He could sneeze and pull out the chain, but he doesn’t try.

Circus trainers say they can put a piece of string around that six-ton elephant’s leg and he won’t break away. This assumed constraint is a belief you have based on past experiences, embedded in your mind at a very early age. Your parents, your siblings, your friends and your environment have all shaped you, along with things you were told you could or could not do. These same constraints are still around in your life today.

No Worries Practice Below Activities to get rid of Elephant Thinking …

1. Have self confidence on yourself. You are the only one who can do the given task most effectively.

2. Be Positive Always. Negativity will only stress you. You have really a nice good looking face don’t get tensed

3. Continuous Learning. This works as a Ultimate weapon to you which definitely brings the above two powers in you.

So I would suggest Refer my above mentioned prescription to have a relief from your sufferings.


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