Challenge “PARKINSON”

                                                                                                        By- Parag Ray

Hello Managers  & Leaders , 

We all are very much acquainted with conducting meetings , scheduling meetings , right ???

Can you all tell me ?? 

Are you conducting it in a right way ??

How effective your meetings were in past ??

If you are still struggling to find satisfactory answers for the above questions, then I would say just have a look on below words..It will be highly profitable for you.

Each and every kind of meeting should have not only an agenda for the name shake, but also it should have a strict time limit for each and every point to discuss.Many times it happens in a meeting people are start to talk about n discuss irrelevant topics and points.In operational meetings people are waiting for the responds on and on going action from a concerned team,which is unnecessary time killing process.

On the above context Parkinson’s Law says that “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion” So if you have nine hours to complete a list of tasks, you will take the full nine hours to complete the tasks and will still be rushing at the end of the day.

The Law is only applies for meetings so in this point the same states with proof that meetings expand to fill the time allotted for them.if you allocate two hours to cover the agenda at a meeting,it will take the full two hours, and you will be rushing at the end and often making poor decisions to finish the meeting.But if you allocate only one hour with proper time breaking allocation to each point to be discussed in a meeting you will quite surprisingly finish up within one hour.

So what should YOU DO ?????

Are you thinking ??

You should always try to BREAK the LAW. Yes.

Your goal is to challenge yourself to break Parkinson’s Law.Set a specific time for discussion and decision.Allocating a precise time for each point of the agenda and setting a deadline of each activity and point of discussion.

So Believe Me….

And you can use this technique yourself to dramatically increase both your efficiency and your effectiveness.


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