Cross Cultural Communication : A Tool of Client Handling

By:- Parag Ray

Let’s connect to your clients irrespective of which business and profession you are in.

You know one very important and basic principles of business.

Don’t let your customers / Client know what are you doing for them or how are you doing for them.just let them know how much you know about them when you are facing them or talking to them.

It is the mainly and tricky way to sustain your client and customer with you for long.SO Cross Cultural Communication is one of the basic principles to manage clients effectively and handle clients which has a very positive output.

From my experience once I found one client during her visit to its consulting firm she only got the details of what her supporting firm employees are doing for her company . She was good. But when any human being migrates from his/her own land to other far away land its a normal human tendency there would be desire of experiencing and knowing the different colours of that land to which she/he had migrated.So in this case She was expecting a communication between two citizens of different lands having totally different traditions and life style ethos and ideology.She got it little tale after which she was happy with a bright face with an attarctive smile on her face.

it was a feeling of gaining some knowledge of different part of the globe.the knowledge covers Foods,Cloths,Cultures,Traditions,education systems and so on.

The main motive of Cross Cultural Communication is to know each others life style and the rules , regulations and principles by which other part of the globe are living.

It will only have a positive and effective outcome that helps one in achieving his/her goal little easier way.

So Did think about

How Cross Cultural is your Communication is ???

If it is not till now.

Just make it now on wards.

You can sustain your client a longer period and you can drag business opportunities for your firm


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