“Elder Care Leave” – – A Wake Up Call for Corporate World

By:- Parag Ray

An arrival of a child in life a couple its a very nice experience and it demands lots of responsibility for parents.For the working parents it looks very essential to make time for taking care of the new born baby.So private companies providing Paternity Leave and Maternity Leave. Maternity leave is for biological mothers only. One can take during the period of pregnancy and after the baby is born.Paternity leave is for biological fathers only. One can avail this leave after the baby is born.Parental leave is for both parents, whether they are biological or adoptive. This time is dedicated to settling the new child into the family.This leave can be avail just after the paternity and maternity leaves.Both parents can take a parental leave, at the same time or at different times, even if they have the same employer.

A new born baby needs support and a immense care and attention from the parents to survive in the world in the early few months just after the birth.The same way Elderly person in our family like old parents need support in their old age , Mainly during their illness.So Every working professional must be aware about this and should not hesitate to avail “Elder Care Leave” for this.Every private companies need to provide this leave along with the other leaves like Paternity & Maternity leave.

We are now talking so proudly the great demographic dividend in India which will become a challenge by giving us super senior citizens at 35-45 years of age within few decades. this will demand young generation to take care of their elderly parents.A research says in India the old Age Dependency Ratio (OADR) will increase from 13% in 2000 to 32.8% in 2050.That means every 3 working Indians will have to take care of their parents.

Now a days it is being tried to educate , make eligible and employable to the youth as we have a demographic dividend concept.Along with it a specific should focus need to be made on some special health care scheme and subsidies for elder care of one’s family.This is the role of a all the companies in the world to have “Elder Care Leave” facility for their employee and all the employee are suggested to avail these leave as like as paternity n maternity leave without throwing their parents in old age homes.Companies should have corporate act like “Eldercare and Medical Leave Act”

In suggestion to Smart Companies of India, “Try to satisfy your Older Employees in a smart way by giving them time off to spend with their Elderly Parents” and to Smart Citizens of India, Avail this facility (Elder Care Leave) with heart for your own parents who might had taken paternity & maternity Leave for you when you came to this world.

If Maternity & Paternity Leave, then Why Not Elder Care Leave !!!


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