“Employee Satisfaction” has a great impact on “Customer Satisfaction”

By:- Parag Ray

The main aim of each and every company is to satisfy its customers by its own service and products.The higher management of a company has taken a overall ownership of all the team those are working for it.But when doing the action planning for it the higher management forget sometimes the main point they need to look into is their customer satisfaction which has a great impact in the business outcome in building the brand value.

Employee satisfaction means employees are contented with their work and position. To be contented, they likely enjoy much of their work, they feel management is fair and cares about them, and they are comfortable in their work environment,It ties in closely with employee turnover, since unhappy staffers are more likely to seek positions elsewhere. It is expensive to replace employees, so many companies have a goal of keeping employee satisfaction at a high level so turnover stays low.

So in that profound context just ask yourself a questions as a part of corporate world ..

Is your employees are satisfied with your duties that you have towards them ?

Why you need to ask this question to you is in the same time your employees have the below questions in their mind.

Your Employees’s questions

Am I satisfy with my current Job ?

If not the why am I working for this company ?

Employee satisfaction is often measured by anonymous employee satisfaction surveys that are administered periodically to gauge employee satisfaction.Each and every companies should do periodically employee satisfaction survey as most of the top companies are doing in most successful way.

In the survey the best and concise concepts of asking questions to your employee are.

Are they satisfied with their specific jobs and their tasks?
Do they feel that they have the support and resources they need to do their best work?
Is management providing appropriate direction?
Do they think compensation, benefits, and work conditions are adequate?
Are they considering leaving the company?
So your employee satisfaction is directly proportional to your customer satisfaction.Means as much as your employee stays satisfy with your companies service toward them the same way they will perform the work towards your customer to give them qualitative output what they want.Ultimately your employees will be satisfied and you can see long term business relationship with them

In your survey do ask the below questions to measure your action on making your employees satisfied..

Do you enjoy our company’s culture?
Do you find your work meaningful?
Does our company give you the tools and technologies you need to do your job well?
Do you think that work is distributed evenly across your team?
Do you feel like your job utilises your skills and abilities as much as it could?
Does management seem invested in the success of the team?
Do your managers value your feedback?
Does our company offer adequate opportunities for promotions and career development?
Do you feel valued for your contributions?
Do your superiors communicate company news effectively and in a timely manner?
Do you feel as though your job responsibilities are clearly defined?
Do you feel connected to your coworkers?


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