Featuring The Future of Retail

By:- Parag Ray

The experience enriched history for retailers says, an emerging technology will have a great impact on defining the store format in a significant way by changing it concept from past.Integrating new ideas and technology will plot a different and expressive Retail Trend in coming years.

As Retailers are striving to target messaging and marketing to their customers to create a unique, personalized shopping experience, below are every unique areas of research those are currently in progress,

Retailers are continuing to make digital experiences more personalized.
Linking online and physical store experiences becomes a huge focus in the retail business currently
More retailers will leverage Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other voice assistants.
As artificial intelligence (AI) is maturing, more AI-powered retail applications are gaining adoption.
Personalized marketing strategy is highly essential for each Retailer to maintain a unique Store Format.
Future store format will include the below concepts and ideas

Drive-through pick-up locations, as some shoppers will move away from large stock-up shopping trips to more targeted, time-efficient, needs-based trips.
Product showrooms that enable the customer to interact with/try out products, as well as interact with sales associates and other customers (both physically and remotely).
Immersive experiential centers, as technology will enable shoppers to control their shopping experience. These stores will be venues for collaboration and experiences that cannot be provided online.
Brand stores that focus more on promoting the brand than on selling merchandise, communicating the brand’s values, social and community involvement, and conveying customer stories, as well as providing product/service information and ordering.
Community service stores in which retailers will provide services that local communities can no longer afford to offer, and locate stores within or near community facilities such as libraries or recreation centers.
Specialty stores that will continue to fill certain niches, as well as evolve.
The unified technology to redefine the Retail Trend in Future may be known as “Retail technology” in coming days.


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