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By:-Parag Ray

Lead , Leader, Leading & Leadership

  Lead is the  bluish-white lustrous metal which is very soft, highly malleable, ductile, and a relatively poor conductor of electricity but its so acceptable in metallic world just because of its spectacular ability of being  restrictive to corrosion and radiation protection that rarely other elements have.the same way Everybody has the quality of be a leader to lead having their specific significant differentiate qualities

  The word “Leader” has the very quintessential definition everywhere as “Who leads a mass”.But its not complete definition.If you ask me the proper definition of a Leader or a leadership,I would say,There is no such definitions to it.Only the qualities one has within , that make that person capable enough to guide others.

   One leader should be able see the things in a significantly diversified way that other peoples are not able to see.Being a leader managing numbers of minds working under you is a great challenge.Because you need to manage yourself first both internally and externally.If you are able to manage your minds then how can it be possible to manage others minds.

Learning of leaders:-

  • Take time to train your mind to think for productive output.
  • Have a good control over your words to influence your colleagues and subordinates.
  • Be innovative in your proposals to give quality based outcomes.
  • Put time for solutions rather that spending more time in problem statements.
  • Collect others views and suggestions to have the concepts of “We” rather than the concept of “You vs Me”

    When one start to a Lead , the way he/she feels, the way he/she thinks,the way he/she speaks,the way he/she acts that affects million of people. So Leading is not an easy task. Its a challenge to be efficiently productive not only for the respective organisation but also resulting an enormous human well being.

Leadership is the ability of a person irrespective of his/her gender is about harness everybody’s aspiration and make a path to achieve them as a team.3 basic qualities which sets a leader apart from the mass are firstly his/her Integrity that always follow some moral values that he/she has for his/her life and works and organisations ,secondly his/her ability to Inspire others to do right things and on the top of everything the Insight he/she has to smell the problems far before it would happen and take necessary protective steps to face them.

Lets set levels of being a Leader:-

Level-1 – People Have to follow because you have the higher position to them

Level-2 – People Need to follow because they want to learn from you ,they feel you have something                    valuable.

Level-3 – People Want to follow because they are being profitable by you.

Level-4 – Being influential to help others to realize their ability to use their talent at the most.

Level-5 – Being leader is the last an the final level of the process to take everyone’s idea ,giving a                         proper sequential structure and produce a fruitful outcome.

A flawless Leader 

                           Doesn’t have the concept of  “You Vs Me” 

                            Does Think “We”


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