Let’s Redefine “Productivity” During Crisis

                                By:- Parag Ray

Few questions to all of you …….

Are you being pressurized to be more productive during Lockdown/crisis ?

Are you feeling anytime that you are not being utilized properly ?

Are you not getting much work to do during crisis when working from home ?

Now ,Have you given a thought about the reason behind it ?

Let me tell you , mostly you always are in the situation thinking of “what I should do in these extra hours ?”

Yes Or No ?  Okay Keep the answer with you.

I would say , Don’t worry at all if you are not doing anything special in these days. However if you will just sit and think on the word PRODUCTIVITY  and do a bit of brainstorm of google search you will easily know what it exactly mean ?

Let me put my views on it . It mainly talks about 3 things

  1. Perform your responsibility properly.
  2. Make a Office and Personal Timing separate and balanced.
  3. Do something for yourself that will create a scope of growth & happiness.

These are the main things that you need to focus on during any crisis or quarantine period.

You know since last few weeks I am feeling  quite  productive my self .

I am maintaining 9 Hrs of my office work in my own designed Office Space.I am making own meals everyday .Can you imagine ? I am cooking now ? Even my mom did not believe it .

Thank to this crisis taught I can cook a proper Vegetarian Food for 3 people 3 times a day.

And you know with respect to the last aspect of productivity I have enriched myself 3 professional skills and knowledge areas that will help me in my growth and new opportunities.

The happiness factor is the most important in productivity.I am getting it by doing Yoga , talking to my mom at least 1 hour a day and doing sketches and painting.


So, Don’t be so serious about your productivity whether it is really happening or not. Just focus on your daily activities,responsibility and your happiness factors.

Don’t give so much of importance to Productivity or else you will be ending up with Overworking , Overdoing and Underliving



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