The EEs of Enterprise – In My Words

By – Parag Ray

Mr. Durker , “Peter Durker” has given a definitive guide to getting the right things done which makes an executive to a EFFECTIVE EXECUTIVE.I had seen my open eyes in the content of this nice output of Mr. Durker and the secret of an effective executive lies in only on 8 specific rules.

Rules say the EEs always ask about the thing that need to be done,they always has thought to select the right thing for the enterprise.The EEs always has the action plan and the plan B with them.They always have the responsibility for decision in favor of the enterprise with the responsibility of communicating the action and reaction to the plan.The best quality I found in the content about EEs is they prefer to focus on the opportunities rather than the problems.The meetings they conduct every time it has successful outcomes. On the top of all these rules the most important one , their team is everything for them.

The main regulations presented by Mr.Durker, always provide EEs good knowledge and help them turning their knowledge into action.And finally they would be finest responsive accountable corporate stars.

My research and review says the EEs has taken 4 types of decision based on the problems and situations like Generic Decision , Unique Decision , Exceptional Decision and Exceptional Unique Decision.

We can learn from a EEs the qualities like dynamically varieties of direction to look the organisation to support it in times of uncertain requirement and unavoidable crisis,make the continuity of the operation,make others to use their contributions.

In my Views the effectiveness of the executives lies in their experience in handling the situations,problems ,and team members with their precious and profitless qualities and vernacular talent without hurting any colleagues.being and Effective Executive always be a mutual beneficial for the organisations and the particular employee.

In EEs word , in Success – We Succeed , in failure – I should had to be more careful.


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