Why you should NOT send Late Night Email ???

Hello professionals,

What about your mail checking frequency ?

I mean when normally you check your mail and reply to those mails ?

Do you maintain any proper timing for the mail reply ?

I hope you are not that kind of professional who write mails after working hour and try to follow up stuffs.It is not only a adverse habit but also it is having a bad psychological impact.We may think of our messages as bengin,but an email is not just an email”

Work messages after hours bring us back to work  precisely when we need to recharge ourself. But our intense urge to check work related stuff after the working hour creates Zeigarnik Effect.Which means our brain naturally creates desire to wrap up unfinished business which becomes too much harder to disconnect.

There is a very interesting story behind the discovery on this psychological phenomena.In 1920 the psychologist Bulma Wulfovna Zeigarnik observed in one restaurant the waiters are remembering all the order lists in details(table names,Menus,Order quantity,Flavor need to be added) in detail but after the payment done same information were vanished from their minds.

By considering this scenario he decided to conduct one experiment in his lab.As per the out come he found in 90% of cases people remembers everything in details for uncompleted task rather than completed tasks.

Now we need to identify the factors which are strengthening this phenomena , My analysis shows , Motivations,rewards,doing better than colleagues , getting promotions are very important factors which make the phenomena more stronger.



In modern corporate culture the below are the applications of Zeigarnik Effect.

  1. Attention seeking personals for igniting and arousing to do work even after the working hour.
  2. Invite participants and return them to resolve the function and event.
  3. Terminating event to create tension.
  4. Provoking someone to do what is being expected.


If we can avoid the impact of this phenomena,we can use it in our personal use.Below are few outcomes of it.

  1. Punctuality in workplace
  2. Increase in productivity.
  3. Starting and ending work at times
  4. Sincerity in students
  5. Convenient in multitasking


The subjected phenomena has both positive and negative impact on mind and health and it depends the way it will be used.Incomplete tasks , work that has negative impact and competitive mindset always creates stress in mind ultimately lot of health issue and so on.

Positive part of this is motivational factor by addressing mental space of it where same effect can be used for different purpose.



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