You should know “The One Thing” for your Success

The book contains very simple principles for getting things done the way you want and achieve the success you want.In this book author highlighted about a normal saying , that there is a one thing behind each successful thing. We will try to analyse in chapter and try to analyse all the chapters and try to understand it and the we can make use of it to get more than the things we are having.

let’s start reading and get to know the secret of that ONE THING which is hidden in the book  “The One Thing” by Gary W Keller and Jay Papasan.

Chapter 1:- Lets see author Keller’s life,you will find when he was getting one focused success his mind and work was concentrated on one task only and when focuses vary, list of success as well.The tag line of the book is actually real when you will focus your mind one one thing you will surely get it at a time.

Learning :- At a time one thing is the best approach to get what you want to achieve.

Chapter 2:-  I will take you to your geometry classes in school.Do you remember about Domino Effect.It is the sequence where the 2nd structure is 50% bigger than the previous one.The one at a time focus technique is exactly the same.The continuous focus on a single thing results the possibility of getting that things done increases 2 times in every turn.

Learning :- You want extraordinary result , then you need to create Domino Effect in your life.

Chapter 3:- Even if your try on one thing at a single time results success to you , the marks of surrounding factors and the support you get through out the journey will be always be there as clue.So always acknowledge those factors.

Learning :- No one in this world succeed alone,supporting factors are always there.

Chapter 4:- Nothing in the world matters you in the same way , so try to have a priority list to complete your task. Because achievement always speaks about a single thing at a time.So make your to do list along with the success list to have a count on the quantification of your success.Remember one thing, your each action has a impact to fetch you output . So get that one thing that matters to you the most and work for it.

Learning :- Busyness never takes care of your own Business

Chapter 5:- Involvement in multi tasks at one time is a absolute false.It is true that one can not contribute his/her 100% to both the tasks if these will be done at the same time. A research says workers get interrupted once in each 11 minutes which creates lots of errors which demands the full day to be completed. So whenever your switching from one task to another make sure your former task is 100% completed.

Learning :- You can do two things at once , but you can not focus effectively on two things at same time.

Chapter 6:- You know a research on human psychology says to a new habit it takes 66 days.A successful person do have a very discipline life.That’s true but what does it mean , it means one person who is successful has good qualities and in a structural way.So don’t give up  so soon.Try to get all the good habits that take you to the success you are looking for.

Learning :- Being successful is like doing the right thing , not about doing everything right.

Chapter 7:- Will power has its own power to make the things happened for you.Because You do your most desirable thing at most precision when you have strong will to have it.So have a will to complete your most desirable work at one go before taking another task

Learning :- So if you more use your mind, then less minding power you will have.

Chapter 8:- When we are talking about focused on our activity another concept is coming parallel is a balanced life style.So I would say there is no life style which would be balanced.So You should not in search of this life style.Because even though you are focused enough to meet your goal , you will be left with few stuffs at the end of the day.So try to accept few facts in life with continuous effort towards your goal.

Learning :– The concept of Balanced Life is actually Void.

Chapter 9:- The other aspect of achievement is , if you are looking up to a big things to achieve , you need to accept that this is not bad. it means everyone has rights to dream big but , they say dream should be limited as per your ability.However I believe its not true.If you will have same thought process regarding Big things then scrap it as soon as possible.Because this will limit your approach towards success.

Learning :- They say Big is Bad , which is a Lie.

Chapter 10:- Choice and action are two important factors which derive the life style and career shape afterwards.So if you are planning to make a choice then get ready with questions for yourself for which you need to work on the answers to take actions for your choice.So don’t ever think on HOW MANY things need to be done,just thing what is that one thing need too be done.

Learning :- If you are making a choice , then make your actions towards it.

Chapter 11 :- Author uses the habit of asking questions to achieve extraordinary results. asking questions has mainly 3 dimensions when,how and what,Let’s say now,this week or this year ? (When).So we all know practice makes a man perfect.Same way a good habit makes a man to continue with that habit.

Learning :- Just start a BIG habit & live up to it,It will take you to the higher Zenith of success.

Chapter 12 :- So, you got your questions,now how to get your answer for these questions ? This awareness to know the answer is very much necessary because the valuable your answers would be the great your achievement would be.One very essential question ,you need to found answer for is , Is there anyone who have same questions in same situation and the answers,choice and respective actions he/she had taken. Just think !!!

Learning :- A great answer is actually an answer in a new form with tons of possibility.

Chapter 13 :- In previous chapters we have discussed about Choice,Actions,Questions Framing and Answers Mining for these.However now is the step where you need to recognize the purpose behind your choice .Whatever is happening to us in every aspect of life it completely depends on the way we perceive it and respond/react to it.Happiness comes from success.Success comes from a big choice and start.It is not at all relevant to many things that you want to do.

Learning :- When you live up to your purpose for fulfillment,It results your happiness.

Chapter 14 :- Now We will see how to handle the purpose that we have for success. The best way to handling is to connect with your next day to the present day. The smart technique is to maintain a “To-Do” list.And to execute it plan  it in mind, break the big goal in to smaller goals , prepare plans to achieve these smaller goals. By these steps of resolving small pieces of goals the bigger goal can be achieved.

Learning :- Purpose without Priority is Powerless.

Chapter 15 :- Here Keller recommend to block 4 hours a day for planning of the task even in the ground level.If you will see the people who are most productive and who do many things with proper perfection , have spent most of their time  in planning.Author mentioned achievers act as a maker in morning & manager in the afternoon.So your own thing to do many things rather than THAT ONE THING is the biggest challenge to overcome.

Learning :- Productivity demands Performance & Performance Needs Planning

Chapter 16 :- Adoption of mindset of a seeker , Continuity & Accountability.The path of mastering something lies in two things i.e. doing the best thing you can do and doing it the best it can be done.So yo should have a very clear picture what you want to do in your life and how to do it and when you want to start for it. Author Keller also has the same opinion.

Learning :- Your Commitment is the Key for your success.

Chapter 17 :- At last author mention about the four constraints on the path of the above sixteen Ideas. Those are your environment & surrounding , Poor health habits ,Face chaos and inability to say NO. One should surrounded himself/herself with positive mindset people who can support with proper inputs.As your physical strength provide 100% chance to take action towards your goal you need to have only the intakes which are meant for your body.facing criticism and saying NO by taking action as per your ability is the final ways to move towards your success.

Learning :- The Word NO has immense power in it. Identify it and  use this trick


Conclusion :- So Guys as like as Keller many more successful personalities  has explored , experience and experimented the above factors and achieve extraordinary success in their life. I am also working on the above , Will you also try ?


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